Vilas Co. Board Also Pushes For State Division Of Forestry Office

Jun 29, 2016

Vilas County courthouse

Two resolutions and one ordinance were the only agenda items of interest at the regular June 28 meeting of the Vilas County board of supervisors is what may be the shortest meeting in recent memory.

An ordinance amending Chapter 26 having to do with allowing ATV's and UTV's on nine-tenths of a mile of Highway E in the town of Phelps was adopted on a vote of 16-5. It will allow access between South Shore Road and Caskey Lane to Blong Road and West Shore Road.

A resolution inviting the Wisconsin DNR to relocate the Division of Forestry headquarters to Vilas County was adopted unanimously after an amendment eliminated naming a specific location , i.e., the former hospital and nursing home in Phelps.

The last state biennial budget required the DNR to make a recommendation for moving out of Madison to somewhere in northern Wisconsin in the next biennial budget. A second resolution was also adopted unanimously making routine budget amendments in the Commission on Aging.

Those three actions along with appointments to the Recreation Trails Safety committee and Workforce Development Board finished official business in 20 minutes. The county board spent the next 40 minutes having individual supervisors give various reports, and then adjourned.