Vilas County Town Votes To Allow ATV/UTV's On Roads

Apr 21, 2016


Another Vilas County town has approved travel with ATV's and UTV's on all town roads.

The Town of Washington board approved the use on a 3-0 vote after results of a mail survey to all property owners with improvements saw overwhelming support. Of 889 survey returns, 553 or 62%, favored ATV/UTV's while 336 were opposed.

Town chairman Jim Spring, who was personally opposed to the machines on town roads, indicated he acknowledges and would support the results as did supervisors Keith Numrich and Steve Burr. “

Opening all town roads avoids confusion and simplifies law enforcement,” Spring said.

It's anticipated the board will now have an ordinance drafted to discuss seasonal or all year use, speed limits, and signage. This will open routes connecting the Vilas County towns of Phelps, Conover, Lincoln, and Three Lakes in Oneida County.