What Happens To Data If The Power Goes Away? Vilas Co. Doesn't Want To Find Out

Sep 11, 2019

Credit Pexels Liam Wheelden

Power failures can damage Vilas County departments and a strong backup system is critical to allow functions to continue. The Public Property committee authorized spending a quarter million dollars or more for emergency generators that would provide at least a week of power to the backup storage systems in place at the Forestry department.

Information Technology department administrator Mike Duening told the committee recently  he has only one business so far that has requested details on what's wanted stressing “data is the nunber one work in this building” referring the the courthouse campus. “Vendor quotes for the generator at Forestry is hard to obtain,” Duening said. “We've had one vendor from Arbor Vitate, Trapp Electric, ask for our plan. I've now contacted our consultant to provide a larger list for us to contact.”

The county is looking at a 25 kw commercial generator in place next spring for instant use should it be needed. Duening indicated  it would take from four to five days to get usable data from the county storage units and there are some departments that are requred to have 24-hour backup in place.

Committee chair Ron DeBruyne indicated a local provider, Choice Tel, has a dedicated line to the courthouse, a fiber line to Rhinelander and another fiber line to Land O' Lakes which they own.

Vilas County's system connections with Choice Tel goes to Chicago either south in Wisconsin or across the UP and then to Chicago which gives connection flexability.