Wisconsin Steadily Increases COVID-19 Vaccinations

Feb 2, 2021

Credit Wisconsin DHS

Wisconsin is steadily increasing the number of people getting vaccinated every day.

As of Tuesday, more than 568,000 doses had been administered. Of those, 108,713 people have gotten both the required doses.

Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said the system and demand for doses is where it needs to be.

But the state needs more doses to meet requests from vaccinators.

“Last week, they requested nearly 300,000 vaccines to vaccinate the residents of Wisconsin who are eligible and want a vaccine. We could only fulfill about 27% of their requests,” said Willems Van Dijk.

COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin continue to decline.

The state reported 1,095 new cases Tuesday.  The 7-day average is about 1,500 cases.

Willems Van Dijk says it’s hard to know when the vaccine could start to make a true impact in the number of cases.

“While we’re making great progress with vaccine, we’re no where near heard immunity yet,” said Van Dijk. “We all, especially with these variants in place, in the nation need to assume they are or will be in Wisconsin soon and we need to be as vigilant as ever.”

Health officials say we could start to see that herd immunity if 80-percent of the population got vaccinated.