WI Caregiver Shortage: A Safety Risk for Patients?

Feb 26, 2020 sarcifilippo

MADISON, Wis. -- Advocates for Wisconsin seniors and people with disabilities say those who live in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities may be at higher safety risk after a new report confirms caregiver shortages across the state.

A handful of provider associations have issued survey results that say one in four direct caregiver positions is vacant, an increase from one in five vacancies noted in the same report two years ago.

Supporters of Tax Credit for WI Caregivers Renew Their Push

Dec 20, 2019
AARP Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. - Nearly 580,000 Wisconsin residents are unpaid family caregivers, according to AARP Wisconsin, and the group is renewing its call for state lawmakers to ease the financial burden they face.