Clean Wisconsin


The state Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in a pair of far-reaching environmental lawsuits that could define the state Department of Natural Resources' ability to regulate factory farms and high-capacity wells as well as how far state agencies can go when interpreting state law.  

Clean Wisconsin filed a lawsuit in 2015 arguing the DNR can require factory farms to monitor groundwater impact and limit the number of animals.

An environmental group is opposing a package of bills sponsors say will protect property rights in areas with water.

State Senator Frank Lasee and Representative Adam Jarchow have introduced the bills to limit government regulation and restore property rights they say were taken away over the decades for property owners near water.

Amber Meyer Smith from Clean Wisconsin says when you look deeper into the bills, they have sweeping changes that concerns them. She says it could mean more filling of lake beds...

The potential for a precedent-setting turn in Wisconsin groundwater regulation has prompted an environmental group to file suit. Clean Wisconsin filed the suit Monday so the court can look at the DNR's ability to set conditions on runoff.

An environmental group is applauding a DNR decision this week to deny an exception to pollution standards at the coal-fired WPS power plant at Weston.

But WPS officials are saying  all they want is what other industries are being held to by federal law.

Statehouse Bill Requires Recycling of Mercury Thermostats

Oct 22, 2013

Proposed legislation would tighten rules for disposal of mercury-based thermostats.  Though no longer made, many households still use them.  But if thrown away or burned, that mercury can get into the environment.

A new bill would require manufacturers to pay for recycling programs, and make them easy to use by the public. 

Amber Meyer Smith of advocacy group Clean Wisconsin…says it would be similar to the state’s e-waste recycling program.