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Realtors had been expecting a tough sales and price report for June, but were mildly surprised when the COVID-related dropoff wasn't as steep as expected.

The monthly report from the Wisconsin Realtors Association finds sales off just over four percent from a year ago, while median prices rose three percent in the same period statewide.

Association economist Dr. David Clark says June is typically a strong sales month noting most of the sales were likely under contract weeks before. But there was a lower-than-expected downturn....

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The nation is in a recession mainly caused by the coronavirus outbreak and housing sales in Wisconsin reflected that in May.

The Wisconsin Realtors Association found home sales fell by 25 percent on a year-over-year basis. Interestingly, median prices continued to rise increasing six percent from a year ago.

Dr. David Clark is an economist working with the group. He says the pandemic emergency hit at a time when sales usually climb...

"The economic lock down had a significant effect on May sales..."

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Wisconsin closed 2019 on a high note in December with both home sales and median prices up by double digits. That assessment is from the most recent analysis of the existing home market by the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

Economist Dr. David Clark works with the Association. He says the market for homes is continuing

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Parts of Wisconsin's housing market is becoming so tight for homes available to sell that the overall market is down and the prices are up. That assessment from Wisconsin Realtors Association who reported March sales significantly lower than one year ago.

Home sales were 14 percent lower than a year ago, and prices are up almost 6 percent.

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Sales of existing homes in Wisconsin this February were up even though prices have gone up and the weather was lousy.

Wisconsin Realtors Association numbers show statewide, home sales were up more than 1 percent compared to a year ago but prices have jumped 6 percent to a median of $175,000.

In the 18-county north region, prices were up two percent to a median of $135,000 but sales were off 3 percent.

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The lack of available homes to buy is cutting into the number of homes being sold in many parts of Wisconsin according to the latest update from Wisconsin Realtors Association.

Home sales in January were 8.9 percent lower than 12 months earlier.The median price rose 3.5 percent over last January to $175,000.

Economist David Clark works with the state realtors association. He says the tight inventory problems have lasted over a year...

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Despite low inventories, Wisconsin home sales last year were only slightly off the record sales pace in 2017 as median prices continued to outpace inflation, according to the most recent analysis of the state housing market done by the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA).


An economist says the moves recently made by the Federal Reserve could eventually impact interest rates when we borrow money.

Last month, the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates a quarter of one percent, reflecting signs that the economy was growing and to slow inflationary pressures.


Regardless where you live, Wisconsin's real estate market is heating up.

That message  from a Wisconsin Realtors Association spokesperson, David Clark. The Wisconsin Realtors Association is out with their monthly sales and pricing reports. Sales are rising, and the prices of homes are rising, too. But Clark says where you live makes a difference. He says homes in cities are going faster than homes in the country...


Home sales continue to rebound in Wisconsin, though rural Wisconsin has some different results than more urban areas. Wisconsin Realtors Association economist David Clark says the association saw growth compared to last year...

".....our nine month sales volume of existing home sales are up about 12.6 percent compared to the first nine months of last year and median prices are up 5.7 percent...."

Northwoods Housing Market Above State Average

Aug 19, 2015


   Wisconsin’s hot housing market is setting a trend for the rest of the year with existing home sales around the state seeing a drastic increase. Wisconsin Realtors Association economist David Clark says every region around the state saw an increase in sales, but the Northwoods came out on top.

 “…Sales volume is actually stronger in the northern region for the first seven months than the statewide average. The state average was 13.7 percent; the north was up 17.4 percent.”

January Sales Slow, But Prices Rise for Northern Homes

Feb 17, 2014

A cold winter may be putting a damper on home sales in Wisconsin.  In the northern part of the state January sales were down about four percent, compared to the previous January…according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association.  Statewide sales were down almost seven percent.

But Economist David Clark says the cold weather could result in a spring rebound.

“The flip side may be that if colder than normal weather is causing some people to sit on the sidelines in December, January and February, it may simply shift them into March, April and May.” 

Northern Home Sales Rising Slower Than State

Dec 26, 2013

Home sales were up slightly in November for the Northern part of the state, according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association.  That bucks the trend for the rest of the state, which saw an overall dip in sales for November.  Marquette University economist David Clark says median price increases were also high – at over 8 percent in the north.

Home Prices Continue to Climb

Nov 19, 2013
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Home prices went up again last month, but the number of sales remained flat. 

Wisconsin Realtors Association reports median sale prices are up seven and a half percent so far this year...compared to 2012.  Economist David Clark says a high market inventory should keep prices from skyrocketing.

“I think those increases will moderate as we go forward.  And that ought to keep housing relatively affordable.”


Home sales and prices in Wisconsin continue to rise though the Northwoods isn't rising as fast as some regions.

Economist David Clark works with the Wisconsin Realtors Association...


"...when you look at August, the existing state sales were up about 13 percent and that's a good solid number in a month(August) that is a pretty high-volume month...median prices were up about 6.3 percent..."

In the Northwoods, Clark says sales and prices in August weren't as robust as the rest of the state...