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Green Burials: When Everything Old Is New

Jul 27, 2018

For many Americans, it's never a good day to die, partly because it's so hard to talk about it. That might be changing as more people explore so-called green burials as a replacement for traditional burials, and embrace conversations that used to be common before being labeled morbid.

Traditional burials can easily cost $12,000 to $15,000, and that does not include the ecological cost, which includes injecting toxic chemicals into the ground due to formaldehyde used in embalming. Then there's the metal used in caskets each year - enough to build another Golden Gate Bridge.

Mackenzie Martin / WXPR

In part one of our series on death care in the Northwoods, we talked to a local funeral director about green funerals and how his job has changed over the years. Today, we’ll hear about those who are choosing to have their funerals at home.


WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin reports.



Mackenzie Martin / WXPR

The death care industry has undergone a lot of changes in recent years and it’s more than just that formal burials are down and cremations are up.

In the first of a two part series about death care in the Northwoods, we’ll hear about green funerals and how the job of a local funeral director has changed. WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin reports.

So it turns out, there are a lot of options when you’re planning a funeral, a lot more than there were 20 or 25 years ago.