DATCP Has Guide To Help Prevent Senior Citizen Scams

Jan 2, 2018

Credit pixabay.com

Senior citizens are often the targets of scams in various forms.

The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection(DATCP) has put together a 50 page booklet called "Senior Guide" to help seniors and others avoid being ripped off. DATCP spokesperson Jerad Albracht says as 2018 begins, scamsters will be around to try to bilk people out of their money....

"....that covers everything that is in our fact sheets for the most part. It's written from the focus of helping elderly relatives and elderly consumers themselves to be able to spot scams and know what to do. But really, despite being called the Senior Guide, it's good information for all of us...."

Albracht has some places where the public can go on the DATCP website to get more information...

"....the DATCP website at datcp@wi.gov has information about a full range of consumer issues. Whether it's scams, ways to file consumer complaints, landlord-tenant issues. People can file complaints online with us. They can keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also have a consumer protection hotline that helps thousands of folks every year. That number is at 800-422-7128...."

Albracht says the core of the scams almost always is an imposter pretending to be from a legitimate organization and demanding information or money to resolve a fictitious situation.