No License Needed This Weekend To Fish In Wisconsin Waters

Jan 17, 2014

Ice fishing

The state is adding another weekend of free fishing and it happens this Saturday and Sunday.

The state waives fees and allows anyone...residents and non-residents to hit the frozen water.

DNR Northern Regional Director John Gozdzialski says a free fishing weekend happens in June each year, but instead of boats, you have ice augers...


"...this is an opportunity to enjoy fishing but with with frozen conditions not the open water....

Gozdzialski says it's a great way to get kids involved with the outdoors.

In the summer officials talk boating safety, now it's be sure of the ice as you head out....


"'s deceiving. Because there's a layer of white(snow and ice) across the lake that it's safe enough to walk on it or take a vehicle on it. That's not necessarily the case all the time. Be safe before you venture out..."

Gozdzialski says check with local bait shops about ice thickness and always take along some hooks that you can use to pull yourself out of the water if you go in. Some ice fishers wear a summertime life jacket under their coat. If you go in, the lifejacket will keep you afloat as you work to get out of the water.

More information is on the DNR website.