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Labor Supporters Rally Against Right to Work


Northwoods supporters of organized labor are among those in Madison to rally against a right-to-work bill that’s up for a public hearing Tuesday in the Senate’s labor relations committee.

Demonstrations are planned for Tuesday and Wednesday as the bill is expected to move quickly to a Senate vote.

Right to work legislation would mean workers couldn’t be required to pay dues or join a union. 

Jackie Cody of the Northern Wisconsin Center for Working People says it would gradually erode employee wages and benefits. 

“It’s going to put a chilling effect on the wages of all workers, when you don’t have the ability to negotiate or look to another source who is.”

Republican Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst doesn’t agree, and says he’ll likely vote for the bill. 

“I think skilled labor is in such high demand these days that people who are willing to work, who have skills are in such high demand that this provision will not affect them.”

Governor Scott Walker has said he’ll sign the bill if it gets to his desk. 

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