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What Theresa Seabloom is listening to

Hi. I am Theresa Seabloom and have been hosting Country Legends on Saturday night from 7-10 pm for 17 years now. I am happy there and consider it a privilege to be keeping this style of traditional, authentic Country music available via WXPR radio. I’ve been collecting this music since a teenager and avidly continue to this day. I’m quite old-school and am thrilled for the opportunity to share my collection of CD’s and LP’s to keep this music on the air.

As for what I’m listening to now: I have enjoyed a good variety of music throughout my life but find I am more curious and broadminded now to check out other genres. I have recently “discovered” the Lonesome River Band and can’t get enough of them and their harmonies right now. But, to be honest – when I have my druthers – I find me truly content when I listen to good true Country music. The use of steel-guitar and fiddles in the music appeals to me and “speaks to my heart” as they say. And then I crank it! WXPR offers to the big audience out there that prefers the core Country music of the past – the kind that offers a down-to-earth, simple and honest telling of life that they listened to and can relate to. Thank you, WXPR!

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