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Bring a Box, the Wrapping's Free

A youth program in Rhinelander is hosting two free gift wrapping nights.  Young people who are turning to Forward Service Corporation for help finding jobs will be giving back to their community by wrapping presents for free.

Youth program coordinator Serena Adler says there are multiple benefits for the young gift wrappers. 

“So the kids could give back to the community and feel good about doing that. But also they could learn some social skills – saying hi, wrapping the gift, merry Christmas, how can I help you. These are all things that they could put down on a resume or an application, showing that they helped out at this event.”

Adler says she saw a need for a free gift wrapping service in Rhinelander.  Anyone can get their gifts wrapped, and Adler says the service may be especially helpful for the elderly or disabled.                     

“And we have several kids that will be working on the 13th or the 20th and wrapping gifts for people. The paper and the bow and even the name tag is free.”

The free gift wrapping will take place Friday the 13th and the 20th….from 5 to 8 pm at the Northern Advantage Job Center. 

The kids will be given a crash course in wrapping prior to the event.  

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