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Trail Groups Land $15K Grant for Bike Path Segment

Used courtesy of the Eagle River Historical Society.

A bike trail project has netted a $15,000 matching grant to complete a short stretch of trail. 

The Three Eagle Trail runs from Three Lakes to Eagle River.  It’s being extended by less than a quarter mile through a congested part of Eagle River to the old train depot.  The grant comes from Tara Lila, a company that specializes in land conservation and trail construction.  It will match community donations up to $15,000 in hopes of covering the $30,000 cost of the construction. 

Mike Robillard is the company’s operations manager and involved with the trail construction.                         

“The idea with the Eagle River connector project is to take these family-friendly bike trails and to get folks in a safe and welcoming way right in the heart of downtown Eagle River.”

The new trail segment is set to eventually connect up with others still in the works.  Great Headwaters Trail Foundation plans to build miles of trails that would also connect at the depot. 

“That depot would truly be a hub then. From there people could go west to the St. Germaine system, north up to Land O Lakes, and south to Three Lakes. It would really be a great step forward in terms of putting Eagle River on the map as a go-to destination for off-road family-friendly bike trails.”

Construction of the new piece is set to begin this summer.  Great Headwaters Trails is handling donations for the project.

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