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Milwaukee Public TV Program to Focus on Rhinelander

Rhinelander is set to have its moment in the spotlight on Milwaukee Public Television.

The city has been selected for an episode of the show Around The Corner, hosted by John McGivern.  It’s a weekly half hour segment on public tv that focuses on living and working in different communities around Wisconsin. 

Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce Director Dana DeMet says he hopes it will attract attention for the Rhinelander area.

“The show is broadcast on public television in Milwaukee, Chicago, all of Wisconsin, a little bit of Northern Illinois, and it’s also been picked up by Minnesota Public Television as well. So these are all markets that Rhinelander draws from anyway for its visitors, and for people who might be moving into our area.”

Filming is set to begin in August.  Until then, DeMet says the chamber will assemble a committee of community leaders to meet with the show’s producers and brainstorm story ideas.

“And so they really look for the interesting angle on things. It’s not strictly a tourism focused program. They want to find the really fun unique parts of what it means to be a community member there, to live there.”

DeMet says he’s open to hearing ideas from community members about what they think is interesting or notable about Rhinelander.  

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