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UW-Madison Dean Wants Feedback on University's Role in Northwoods

A dean from the University of Wisconsin Madison will visit the Northwoods Wednesday, to find out how her college can build more partnerships in the Northwoods.

Kate VandenBosch is Dean of the College of Life and Agricultural Sciences at UW Madison.  She’s the speaker at this month’s informal discussion series Science on Tap.

VandenBosch says it’s part of the university’s mission to reach all parts of the state.  And she says there are several initiatives already at work in rural communities in the Northwoods that focus on natural resources. 

“Our grounding and what we’re doing in the Northwoods is strongest and of longest duration in the area of the environment. We have two research stations, one at Kemp on Lake Tomahaw, which was founded in 1960. And the other is the Trout Lake Station, which was founded much earlier in 1924.

VandenBosch says she’s interested to hear what people in this region would like to see more of, whether that takes the form of online learning opportunities, service projects, or other kinds of programs that could impact the Northwoods.

“Because it’s not just all about what we think sitting here in the state capitol. But we need to know, what are contemporary issues that folks living in the Northwoods feel are important for the major research university in the state to be engaging in, and how we can engage with them.”

Dean VandenBosch is speaking and talking with audience members Wednesday night at the Minocqua Brewing Company.  

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