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Rhinelander Area Volunteer Helps In Texas Flood Relief


A Rhinelander-area Red Cross volunteer is in Texas to help with relief efforts in an area overwhelmed with rain and floods.

Carol Miller travels often to help with relief efforts in other parts of the nation. Torrential rains.. in some places 20 inches of rain...pummeled southern Texas in late October causing widespread flooding. Miller helps with medical needs and is based out of Austin. She says she helps clients with medical problems, or staff who need medical aid. She says the heavy rains washed out the homes for thousands....

"....I really feel good about being able to help out. A lot of people are without homes right now and I know we had three shelters open at one time. We're starting to close down shelters and keep up with their long-term recovery..."

Miller thinks she will be in Texas until next week. She asks others in the Northwoods to think about signing up for training programs to become part of the Disaster Action Teams. She says this time of the year in the Northwoods the Red Cross is often called for house fires. You can find out more by going to the website red ross.org /north central chapter.

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