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Superintendent Says Appreciate Teachers All Year Long


This week has been set aside to say thanks for the contributions of teachers.

Rhinelander School District Superintendent Kelli Jacobi says teachers are a core reason for the success of the school district.

She says student success is the result of different strategies to meet student needs...

"....our teachers look for every possible strategy they can to provide for students needs from interventions to enrichment to make sure our kids are college and career ready....."

Jacobi says there's a shortage of teachers, especially in rural areas...

"....there is a teacher shortage in our state, especially in the rural districts. We work hard to hire high-quality teachers. We want to provide the best for our students. We continue to work with our teachers to provide the professional development necessary to meet their needs so they can stay cutting edge...."

Jacobi says it's important to say thank you for the efforts of teachers, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week.

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