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Arts Education Also Important To Develop Workers: Katz

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As education has become increasingly science and math oriented, a state arts leader says the arts is also a critical educational component of a child's future.

Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin, Anne Katz, says studies both here in Wisconsin and elsewhere says employers are looking for people with good ideas... 

"...employers are looking for people who will be creative, who will be able to think on their feet, come up with ideas, work independently and as a team. Those are the kinds of employees that employers want, whether it's a small business or a big corporation. That's what we're looking for. Those are the qualities that the arts teach...."

Katz says the components of workforce development are being debated now....

"....There's a huge conversation in Wisconsin about workforce development and about training workers and helping people to be entrepreneurs and generating the economy in that way. The arts a critical component of that conversation. And, arts education is one of the main ways towards that. It's especially important in public schools. The arts education courses in public schools are often one of the few ways that kids can participate in the arts...."

Katz says arts leaders in the state are calling for a quality arts education for every Wisconsin student.

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