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Scout Program Promotes STEM Program In Region

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   STEM Scouts are coming to Rhinelander this fall. STEM Scouts is a co-ed pilot program created by the Boy Scouts of America that gives young people a chance to do activities focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Senior STEM Executive for the Samoset Council in Weston, Amanda Flannery, says STEM is a major focus in education as there aren't enough people to fill engineering positions, IT professionals and the like. The hope, she says, is to get more people into those fields.
"...The Samoset Council has a program called the STEM Scouts that we've had for the last four years and it's a hands-on program for elementary and middle school kids. They work in small groups. They get to learn about critical thinking, teamwork and leadership through fun STEM activities...."
The students meet once per week and learn from local STEM professionals. One age group will be starting in Rhinelander on September 27 at Nicolet College where they will hold a sign up night in the Red Oak Room. Other groups will be at Central Elementary and Northwoods Elementary Community School in October.
"..Kids that are in STEM Scouts do not have to be in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. It's for anyone interested. It's a seperate program. It still has some of the same values we use in traditional scouting...community service, teamwork, kindness all the great values traditional scouting has but in a different vehicle through experimentation instead of hiking, biking and camping..."
The Samoset Council is also adding labs in Merrill, Three Lakes, Weston in addition to the 38 labs now running across the council service area.
More information is available at stemscouts@samoset.org or visit stemscouts.org

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