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New Doors On The Horizon At Rhinelander District Library


Some building changes have been approved for the Rhinelander District Library.

Board of Trustees President Jane Roe, who is also chair of the building committee, says they've hired local architect Jeff Musson to replace what's known as the Carnegie doors with a new door and change the entry back to a vestibule.

Roe says there will be a second set of doors which will also be more energy efficient...

 "...The entrance that was put in during the 1980's addition has been a problem over the years in the winter because of the glass and the angles of the roof, there have been times when snow would fall on people and the doors wouldn't open because of shifting temperatures or what. There were several winters when they couldn't be used until spring came...."

Roe says they don't have a final cost projection. She says with Musson now coordinating the project they will soon have a much better idea as to what the project will cost. Roe says the group will meet again in January and they will have a much better idea when the project will be started and finished.

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