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With election over, questions over inflation still loom for businesses


Inflation was one of the hot topics for many candidates during last week's election. With the election wrapped up, some voters wonder if that means inflation will start to fall.

Local businesses have been hit hard in the last year, with owners and consumers feeling the pinch.

"People are still shopping and they're still spending," said Terry Koss, owner of H T Cobblery in Wausau. "No one is happy about the price increases, but they seem to be handling it."

Koss, who has been in business for 41 years, hopes that inflation can take a dip.

"I'd just like for it to be the way it used to be, but that's never going to be," said Koss. "It's hard for me to roll with it because I've been doing this for so long, so I'm just adjusting to it as best as you can."

Graffiti's Sports Pub in Stevens Point is also concerned with how high the cost of goods are.

"We just end up kind of eating the inflation to some degree," said Troy Hojnacki, owner of Graffiti's. "You can't just adjust your menu as fast as inflation goes up."

With a higher cost of living, consumers are more likely to stay in and cook their own meals.

"If they don't have extra money and it's all going into the fuel tank, gas, and going into the kitchen table, there isn't any money to go out to entertain and dine out," said Hojnacki.

Higher costs for food, coupled with rising wagers for workers, has put Graffiti's in a tough spot. They've already trimmed down days of operation from seven to five days per week.

With the work force as competitive as it is, it leaves businesses like Graffiti's to make tough decisions, and they're preparing for a tough year.

"Everybody needs to strap down for a rough time, I do believe, for another year or two I think," said Hojnacki.

The Consumer Price Index for all items rose 0.4 percent in October, according to its latest inflation report, as prices for shelter, gas and food all increased.

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