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Weird weather impacting maple syrup producers

Wikimedia Commons Dvortygirl

In 2023, Wisconsin produced 402,000 gallons of maple syrup.

Unexpected warm temperatures these past few weeks caused an early sap run in maple trees, catching some producers off guard.

The popular company 'The Maple Dude' is owned by Tim Sternitzsky. Which started back in the 1800's as family activity, but for nearly ten years Sternitzsky has turned this into a business.

"As a kid we made maple syrup as kind of a hobby you know just for our own personal use, and that dates back to the 1850's when my family originally came here and settled," said Sternitzsky.

Although business has been good, Sternitzsky explains that the recent weather caught him by surprise.

"I simply wasn't ready to take advantage of those temperatures. We normally here in Wisconsin especially in Northern and Central Wisconsin don't plan for the season to start up that quickly," said Sternitzsky.

To make the syrup producers have to tap maple trees, but Sternitzsky won't begin his process until early March.

"Taking a gamble that the situation will turn around, and we will have a normal season that we would typically have," said Sternitzsky.

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