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Gas Prices Fall In Time For July Fourth Travel

Andrew Taylor

Wisconsin gas prices continue to fall, and that’s great news for July Fourth holiday travelers.

Petroleum Analyst for the website gasbuddy.com, Gregg Laskoski, says the national average has fallen has fallen from $3.64 to $3.49 per gallon.  In Wisconsin the decrease has been more dramatic, from $3.93 a month ago down to $3.44 today.

"Wisconsin was hit hard as part of the Great Lakes region and the Plains states that really had tremendous refinery and supply problems from mid-May up until recent weeks..."

Laskoski says with almost all refinery production back online, gas prices are reflecting a higher supply. Laskoski said the Midwest paid a steep price compared to the rest of the country, for having refineries in this region at reduced capacity.

"Back in late May, we saw towns like Flint, Michigan and Milwaukee, competing with prices like those in Honolulu, Hawaii among the highest in the country. That highlighted the severity of the problem..."

With the holiday on a Thursday, a number of Wisconsinites plan to take Friday off to enjoy a four-day weekend. The state government will be open on Friday, and so will many local institutions and businesses. The state D-O-T says road construction work will be halted  for the holiday.

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