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Vilas County to Host Business Start-Up Leaders

Officials helping  start-up businesses around the state are meeting up in Vilas County next week.  Vilas County Economic Development Corporation is hosting the quarterly meeting of the state’s Business Incubation Association Board.  Vilas County EDC Director Bob Egan says it’s a chance for the local chapter to learn from its counterparts in other cities and towns. 

“And by having these folks here – we consider it a privilege but at the same time it will allow us to draw on their expertise, and help us proceed in being successful.”

The Vilas County group helped start its first incubator project about 18 months ago, and recently started a second in Manotowish Waters.  Egan says the group provides low-cost office space for new businesses, plus training and marketing advice.

“Our goal is within 2 years to have them successful enough that hey can move on out of here, and get set up in their own business in a different location – go into the community and actually start utilizing or renting space.”

About 25 people are expected to visit Vilas County for next week’s meeting.    

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