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Crandon Schools Net Thousands For Energy Upgrades

Wisconsin Public Service

Crandon School District is getting a financial boost to pay for energy conservation measures.  Wisconsin Public Service and the statewide Focus on Energy program presented Crandon Schools with a $34,000 check Monday to help pay for energy-efficient lighting. 

District Administrator Jim Asher says the school was looking to save money on costly energy bills.

“Well what we chose to do is replace all of our lighting in the school. The school was built in the early 90s. And just like everything the technology of lighting has improved. So you can get better light for less money.”

In addition to a lighting overhaul the school also provided training for staff…reminding them to save energy by turning off lights and computers. 

Crandon school district has received almost 70-thousand dollars this year for energy improvements.  WPS Spokesperson Leah Van Zile says she’s happy that local schools are taking advantage of energy incentives and rebates.

“It’s really neat to see that they’re making an investment for the longterm on reducing the amount of energy that the facilities are using – in addition to educating the staff, and the students on how to be good stewards of energy.”

District Administrator Jim Asher says the school has been working on energy conservation for several years, but this is the biggest project it’s done so far. 

He says the school saw significant energy savings this fall.  

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