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1600 Jobs From Tourism In Vilas County


The economic impact of tourism in Vilas county and elsewhere was shown in a recent report.

The state reported tourism accounted for more than $10 billion in visitor spending in Wisconsin in 2012, $6 billion of that on dining, retail and recreation. Cindy Burzinski, Executive Director of Vilas County Tourism and Publicity says visitors spent a lot of money in places to stay, eat, and shop...


"....in 2012, visitor expenditures were at $195.4 million dollars, and that was a 10 percent increase over 2011...."

She says it accounted for a large number of jobs in Vilas county..


"....the tourism industry accounted for more than 1600 full time jobs in 2012...."

The Department of Tourism report also revealed tourism spending accounted for $20.2 million dollars in state and local taxes.