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As Obamacare Gets Started More Hospital Visits Likely

Jason Bain-en.wikipedia.org

Medical professionals are expecting to see an uptick in the number of people coming for treatment because of the Affordable Care Act.

Wisconsin Hospital Association Executive Vice-President Eric Borgerding says this upswing in numbers comes at a time when hospitals are under greater financial pressure...


"....as the Affordable Care Act comes on line we are at least expecting to see more people with insurance coverage, time will tell if that's truly the case, either through commercial insurance on the health insurance exchanges, or through Medicaid expansion...."

He says financial pressures on hospitals are mounting...


"....we're weathering a number of cuts to Medicare reimbursement that's what we get paid to treat Medicare patients. We've sustained about $4 billion in Medicare reimbursement cuts over the last few years....."

In 2012, 148 Wisconsin hospitals provided uncompensated health care services on more than 1.2 million hospital visits by patients who were uninsured, underinsured and low income.

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