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Lots Of Travelers This Labor Day, Gas Prices Down


There's more of us on the roads this Labor Day holiday weekend according to Wisconsin Triple-A.
Spokesperson Nick Jarmusz says expect to see many people with you on the roads...

"....we're going to have the highest travel volume since 2008. Nationally, that's going to mean about 35 million folks hitting the roads. Locally, here in Wisconsin were looking at 731,000 residents will be traveling...."

Jarmusz says nationally, it will be the highest travel volume since 2008. Jarmusz says stability in gas prices is also leading travelers to hit the roads...

"....we've been tracking about 15 cents below last summer's averages pretty much for the last few months. That has to do with no bad news coming in the supply chain...all the way from exports, to refining to distribution,  we haven't had those hiccups that normally send prices up...."

Nearly eight percent of travelers...about 2.65 million... will travel by air, a one percent increase from last year.

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