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More Propane Likely To Be Available This Winter


A new propane terminal has opened in Hixton in west central Wisconsin and a state spokesperson says that new facility will help get more propane to customers this winter. Stephanie Marquis from the Division of Energy Services...

"....and with the new propane terminal that is opening today in Hixton that is going to be a very strong asset because they can load 360,000 gallons of propane and they can load six trucks per hour...."

Propane prices hit $6.00 per gallon during the shortage last winter, but Marquis says the price today is....

".....right now we're averaging about a $1.84 per gallon, so that's a great price to buy it. We were certainly much higher than during the peak season when there was a demand across the Midwest. Prices are slowly going up a little bit. We're holding steady with that average so it's a great time to buy....."

Marquis says the entire supply chain learned some lessons from last year's shortage. She says the wholesalers have more storage but she says the public is also buying more propane earlier which will help alleviate heavy demand when the coldest weather hits....

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