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Despite Poor November Sales, Northern Wisconsin Housing Market Keeps Pace

As we approach the end of the year, Northern Wisconsin’s housing market is looking good compared to 2013.

Sales in this part of the state are up about 1.6 percent so far this year. 

That’s the opposite of the statewide trend, which is lagging behind last year’s sales by about two percent. 

Economist Dave Clark says the numbers in northern Wisconsin show a small but solid improvement. 

“It’s saying that it’s very similar to last year. And last year was good year, so it’s saying that we’ve been able to keep pace with a relatively good year. And if you look at median prices they’re up about 4.2 percent.”

Meanwhile sales last month were down by about 5 and a half percent in northern Wisconsin compared to November of last year. 

Clark says November wasn’t a great month for housing sales in northern Wisconsin or any region statewide. 

Sales in Wisconsin dipped an average of 6 percent compared to November of last year.

But while median prices statewide went up by almost seven percent, the northern region saw median prices fall. 

Economist Dave Clark explains a high percentage of vacation homes on the market can cause some volatility in prices. 

“It’s not uncommon to see the median prices shift around quite a bit from month to month, and that’s simply because in which you have a year in which the higher end homes are going at a healthier pace, then that’ll cause that to shift up.”

Median prices are also up by about 4 percent this year so far. 

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