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Mechanical Problems Mean Rugged Conditions on Eagle River Snowmobile Trails

Manfred Werner

Eagle River snowmobile trails are in rough condition this week, thanks to mechanical issues with grooming equipment.

The Sno-Eagles Club says all three of its trail groomers are down for the count and being repaired.

Spokesperson Holly Tomlanovich says trails haven’t been groomed in several days and conditions have deteriorated. 

“We’ve had a series of breakdowns, they’ve just gone over like dominoes. One is a warranty work one some work we had done earlier, the other two we’re still diagnosing. So right now our trails are snow covered but in poor condition, pretty bumpy.”

But the group says it’s awaiting a piece of rental equipment, and expects to be back grooming by Friday and in plenty of time for the weekend.

The Sno Eagles Club says it apologizes for any impact to riders and local businesses as a result. 

Tomlanovich says the problems are a result of aging equipment, with parts needed that aren’t available locally.

“These are all unforeseen breakdowns. We have a daily and weekly maintenance – before the drivers go out each night, they have a checklist they go through for the tow vehicle, which are the things that are broken down right now, and the drag.”

Tomlanovich says at least one groomer should be back in service soon, but they’ll keep the rental as long as needed.   

She says trails should be back in shape by the weekend.  

The Sno-Eagles Club grooms a hundred miles of trail in the Eagle River area.  

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