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Conover Bids Out Bike Trail Construction

The bidding process is open for contractors who want to build the first section of the Conover-Phelps bike trail.

Great Headwaters Trails President Jeff Currie says the more than three miles of trail should be built by this fall.

“They would have to do whatever clearing has to happen to get the trail ready; they would have to prepare the sub-base, although most of the trail is on railroad grade, so a lot of that sub-base is probably going to be okay.”

The trail will cross Pioneer and Muskrat Creeks, so it will navigate wet areas and require bridge construction. 

As Currie describes, the bid calls for the trail to be finished in crushed limestone or another aggregate surface. 

“Limestone is one of the surface materials that we’re asking the contractor to bid on.  We’re also interested in a material called Trail Bond, that’s more locally made.” 

Currie says asphalt isn’t in the plans because it’s not ideal for winter snowmobile use. 

The future of the trail seemed in question just a few months ago, when the town of Conover considered backing out of federal grant funds that would forbid ATV use on the trail. 

The town of Conover will open bids March 11th at 1pm. 

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