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First Grader Builds a "leprechaun trap" At Fab Lab


A first grader and a high school senior will tell adults this Friday how the Fab Lab in Three Lakes can be used as a tool for economic development. The Oneida County Economic Development Corporation is holding it's annual meeting Friday at noon at Holiday Acres.  The group works to enhance current Oneida county business and develop new businesses.

Dr. Steven Yahr is the Fab Lab Director at Three Lakes Schools, the first k-12 school in Wisconsin with the state of the art computer-based manufacturing curriculum. Dr. Yahr will show how the Fab Lab impacts core subjects like science, math, engineering and arts.

Corporation Director Roger Luce says the students will show the Fab Lab's potential...

"......the first grader has made a leprechaun trap and has also designed and started to produce with the assistance of senior high students his own dinosaur chess set..."

Luce says they are working on some new projects which will be announced soon, including some businesses that will bring new jobs to the area.

Luce talks about the activity... ".....we've had many more requests for our loan fund and then we do have a couple of other projects we are working on that would add not only tax base to the county but also jobs that are well-paying...."

More information is available at the Oneida County Economic Development office.

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