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Study Looks At OC UW-Extension-Conservation Staffing Levels


Oneida county is conducting a staffing and services needs study for the University of Wisconsin-Extension office and for the Land and Water Departments.

North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is doing the study.

North Central's Director Dennis Lawrence updated a committee Monday  about the study.
County Human Resources Director Lisa Charbarneau says the one time merging of the departments then the subsequent county decision to split the departments again left them with a request for more clerical support. Charbarneau says this led the Labor Relations  committee to ask North Central to look at staffing needs rather than hire more help...

"....so that is why the Labor Relations committee said 'lets not put a band-aid on it, lets look at what the real issues are, and what the real issues are to get these things accomplished'...."

Lawrence says his group is not often asked to do a study of this sort, being more of a regional planning agency. Charbarneau says they asked the agency to do the work as they already have a contract with Oneida county. Lawrence says they will likely have a report to the county committee's by next month.

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