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Northwoods Businesses Invited To Stop Cyber Crime

Grow North Regional Economic Development Corp.

 Businesses are increasingly targeted by cyber thieves and a meeting coming up is designed to give the latest information to protect your cyber business.

Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation is hosting the event. Executive Director Brittany Beyer says businesses here can be affected...

"Cyber security has been coming up at a national level over and over again and I believe that some businesses here in the Northwoods don't think that it affects them, but the truth is is that it does. We're going to be partnering with a local business to talk about cyber security..."

Beyer says RMM Solutions will share the latest in useful cyber-security tools that are affordable. She says businesses that sign up early can get a free Dark Web scan. The Dark Web is often where cyber criminals park private information for nefarious purposes.

Beyer says cyber criminals spend ten times more than companies on security warfare...

"..Business information and websites get hijacked and they have ransoms that they have to pay in order to release that. So if you don't have the money ready for that release or if you have confidential information that you're working with, you really should be paying attention to this information.."

The Grow North business readiness breakfast is August 22nd at Nicolet Area Technical College. There's a light breakfast at 8:30 with the presentation from 9:00-10:00 a.m. To pre-register, Beyer says go to grownorth.org or on their Facebook page.

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