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Analyst Says Gas Prices Should Remain Stable In Upcoming Weeks

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A petroleum expert says look for gas prices at the pump to stay stable for the next few weeks but could rise toward summer.

Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website gasbuddy.com, Patrick DeHaan, says the marketplace remains stable...

"Wisconsin coming in at $2.42 per gallon, well below the national average still about 37 cents higher than a year ago. As we look to the year ahead, it's going to be a good year for motorists again. The sixth year of relative affordability at the pump. Prices will likely go down for the next 6-8 weeks before starting a big seasonal upswing. That could deliver prices deep into the $2.00 a gallon territory by the time prices peak sometime in May...."

DeHaan says there is an interesting twist and that is the disparity between what local stations are charging...

"We continue to see a rising number of communities where gas prices can vary 10-20 cents per gallon between the lowest and highest priced stations. Oil and gas are commodities where prices fluctuate on the market every day. There are different suppliers charging different prices depending on the time of day. Never before have I seen such a disparity...."

While the Wisconsin statewide average is $2.42 a gallon, some outlets in southern Wisconsin are asking $2.13 per gallon. In the Northwoods, the prices average about $2.50 per gallon. DeHaan says in some communities, by fueling at lower cost stations, you could save $100 a year.

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