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Eagle River City Council discusses golf course, Rotary Square and airport issues

City of Eagle River

The Eagle River City Council discussed the golf course, Rotary Square and alleged airport trespassing issues at its meeting last week.

Golf course general manager Tony Sable reported higher revenues this year compared to last year. Total revenue so far this year is $598,254 compared to $582,535 last year.

Sable says guests played over 5,000 rounds this July. That’s up from about 4,300 last July.

He says his bigger concern is attracting enough hourly labor.

“We are terribly understaffed, and we cannot seem to attract the hourly labor I need,” he said. “The golf shop has to be manned from 5:45 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. seven days a week and the situation is now untenable.”

Rotary Square

Meanwhile, Karen Margelofsky proposed a location for a building on Rotary Square. It would include four bathrooms, a water bottle filling station and a small, covered area outside the facility.

The Rotary Club has approved the building.

It’s expected to be erected in 2023 if the organization is able to collect enough donations.

Airport Issues

Several businesses have been placing material on airport property, including propane tanks in the runway protection zone by Ferrel Gas and Badger Trucks.

The trucks and cars from Badger Trucks are not directly under the flight path.

City Council discussed closing them in, and possibly leasing the space through the city.

Ferral Gas will be asked to remove their propane tanks from the airport property since they are on the runway protection zone.

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