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Plan ahead if you will be traveling with pets

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Traveling with your pets can be difficult any time of year, but the holiday season could add extra strain in order to keep our furry friends safe.

With temperatures plummeting, the humane society said pet owners should take proper precautions.

That includes keeping extra blankets, food, water, and a bed for your pet when driving, and maybe even a toy to ease anxiety.

You'll also want your pets medical records should an emergency occur.

When it comes to flying?

"With bad weather and everything, if there is anyway that you can keep your pet at home, boarding them with a friend, something like that I advise that strongly instead of you know taking them on an airplane." said Dolores Glytas.

She said any risk of your pet being put in the cargo hold puts them at risk to the elements like frostbite and hypothermia.

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