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Film series shares stories of refugees in central Wisconsin


A film series premieres this week, highlighting the journeys of some of Central Wisconsin's new neighbors.

The New Neighbors film series shares the stories of recent refugees that have arrived in Central Wisconsin. Prominently featured families are from Afghanistan, Nicaragua, and the Congo.

Filmmaker Laura Hunt said all she wanted to do was provide an outlet for these people to share their stories.

"I think that was really the goal first and foremost, to give these families and in this case these three women a platform to tell their stories using their own voices in their own language and really try to honor what they've gone through and give them the chance to just speak for themselves about it," said Laura Hunt.

She said she hopes these films will serve as a conversation starter, to bring the community and the new neighbors together.

"I think that there are a lot of people who are curious, there's such potential for friendships, for collaborations, for work relationships, the people coming here have amazing skills and talents and resourcefulness," said Hunt.

The films will be screened Wednesday April 12 at the Dreyfus Center at UWSP. Another screening will be offered at Whitewater Music Hall in Wausau on May 6th.

Both events are free and open to the public.

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