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Homes damaged, destroyed when storms tore through Lincoln County

Storm damage in Lincoln County
Wyatt Williams
WAOW Television
Storm damage in Lincoln County

Houses destroyed, vehicles smashed, and even boats and the docks they were attached to were all in the line of fire of Monday's storms.

Road crews were out at 4:00 p.m. and first responders even earlier, helping those that were trapped or needed assistance.

Andy Vander Wyst, Lieutenant, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, said, "We first got notified of a weather situation out here on Navajo Trail up off of Lake Nokomis, Town of Bradley about 1:20 in the morning. We didn't have a ton of calls as far as widespread damage throughout the county everything was more localized to small pockets kind of like with this neighborhood was."

Several homeowners recounted the close call as the storm raged overhead.

Richard Ross, Resident of Bradley, said, "It just was raining so hard you couldn't see, the rain was going sideways. I can't even imagine how much rain we got, and it just kept coming, and coming, and coming. I think we had like three storms. It'd stop then it fired up again and it was, it was pretty scary."

The night didn’t go as planned for Tomahawk residents Ray Marvin and his wife, Marvin said, "I think it was around one o' clock. My wife was screaming and I was sleeping soundly, and this storm came through. It was kind of a downpour. Well I opened the bedroom door and I could watch the lightning strike through the ceiling, what used to be a ceiling."

Next door, Robert Jeppson was in town visiting family, when in the middle of the night a loud thud rang out as a tree collapsed onto the cabin.

His brother in law had to get staples in his head at the hospital after colliding with a branch that came through the roof.

They are thankful for the crews that showed up to help out.

Jeppson said, "I don't want to hear it again. Boy, it's terrible, and I got nothing but praise for the guys that come out here. Did a good job."

So far, just the one report of an injury in Lincoln County, while many others are just shaken up.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says five or six structures were damaged in the storm.

The National Weather Service will be reviewing the storm damage.

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