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Students learn about financial planning at 'Mad Money' event at Rhinelander High School

Mad Money event at RHS
WAOW Television
Mad Money event at RHS

They say money makes the world go 'round, and Rhinelander, along with other high schools, gave students an adult-life simulation to prepare them for after high school.

It's all a part of an event called 'Mad Money' which Rhinelander has put on for over ten years, opening students' eyes into what awaits them in adulthood.

"It's good to just put it in perspective how much everything costs and the expenses of certain things," said Eli Erickson, a student at Three Lakes High School.

Students were given a job and had to deal with monthly expenses, learning how to budget, and even given surprise expenses, like a police ticket or car repairs, hoping to simulate the unpredictability of life.

"I went over to Associated Bank to take care of all my banking stuff. It was like a grand for each thing, and I was like, wow, I can't buy that second boat or that second jet ski," said Samuel Schoppe, assigned as a lawyer.

With their job assignments, they were also given certain amounts of debt to take care of. Staff at the school hoping the simulation could also be served as a source of motivation.

"The reality of them seeing that, is something that may make some of them decide, 'you know what, I think I'm going to pursue a different career' or 'I'm going to do a little bit more work at school so I can get enough post-secondary education to maybe make a little bit more income then my current plan,'" said Patrick Kubeny, a business education instructor.

That adult perspective also opened some eyes on how hard parents work.

"Definitely makes me understand and be appreciative of what parents do and how much they have to put away, to take care of, to educate, and provide for their children," said Brody Kowieski, a Rhinelander student.

Both students and faculty said the simulation was a success with students adding that they learned a lot about 'adulting'.

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