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Town clerk fined for poll book discrepancy in Marathon County

Pixabay.com amberzen

A town clerk in Marathon County has been handed a withheld sentence for altering with a poll book during the 2020 presidential election.

Town of Bergen Clerk Mary Beth Gebert was found to have signed the name of a voter who didn't actually show up to cast a ballot that day after workers couldn't get the books to balance at the end of the night.

Auditors later discovered the signature that she faked belonged to a woman who had voted in a different area of the county under her married name, which led investigators to look into the incident.

Gebert admitted to the action, and pled guilty on Tuesday to one count of destroying a poll list.

She was handed a two year withheld probation sentence, fined one thousand dollars, and ordered to have no role in the administration or polling of any further election.

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