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Hopes for solar energy storage explained at informational session in Wood County


An energy company wants to increase solar energy efficiency in Wood County with the help of a solar battery storage facility.

Dozens filled the Saratoga Town Hall on Wednesday night to hear about the proposed plan for solar energy.

The town of Saratoga already has one solar power project, and now, Alliant Energy is looking to expand solar power across the area.

"This is really about making sure we can deliver safe, reliable energy, 24/7, every minute of every day, of the year." said Tony Palese, Alliant Energy Spokesperson.

They hosted an information session to explain to the town and the county that a solar battery storage facility would be a great asset to increase the town's energy efficiency.

The batteries would store any excess energy from the day for people to use at night when the sun goes away.

"That ability to capture some of that excess energy that is created so it's not just going to waste" said Palese.

Members of the public voiced their concerns over the project.

"That seems to be a big question about this, is the batteries and the fires and things like that with the batteries." said Bill Clendenning, Wood County Resident.

Alliant Energy said both onsite and offsite sensors will work together to monitor and instantly respond to any potential fire risk.

Others wondered how Central Wisconsin weather could impact reliance on solar power.

"There are days, we go three four even five days of no sun, lots of wind, and minus twenty-degree weather and nobody wants to freeze." said one community member.

The proposed storage facility could store enough energy to heat 80,000 Wisconsin homes for four hours.

The plan has yet to be approved, but if it is, they could break ground as early as the end of next year.

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