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Wind turbines being considered in central Wisconsin raise concerns from some

A wind turbine stands over a farmhouse in Adair, Iowa.
Charlie Neibergall
A wind turbine stands over a farmhouse in Adair, Iowa.

Wind turbines are again on the agenda in Central Wisconsin.

Volunteer organization Farmland First hosted a public information session on wind project potentially coming to the area.

The energy company RWE Renewables first started approaching homeowners in Clark County in 2020, starting with the towns of Hoard and Mayville.

Now, three years later, around 50 to 60 landowners have signed easements, agreeing to have 600 foot tall wind turbines placed on their property, within 660 feet of their homes.

But some people have concerns, and said the distance needs to be increased.

"As much as a mile, because they keep getting bigger, and more health risks and safety risks," said Fred Schindler, County Supervisor for District 3.

So far, 12,000 acres of land have been committed to RWE's project, but they're still pushing for more, and as more landowners are contacted, the need for information grows.

"They want to get 20,000, but people just do not understand what they're signing, they're giving away the soul of their property for the next 37 years," said Schindler.

Concerns listed in the meeting included potential health risks, noise issues, and decrease in property value.

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