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Treating for PFAS a part of a proposed water rate increase in Wausau


If you use the City of Wausau water utility, you may be seeing a much bigger bill in the coming months.

Officials are saying that water bills could increase by almost $40 dollars a month to keep up with the demands to keep PFAS out.

Wausau Director of Public Works Eric Lindman said, "We're trying to manage those rates the best that we can. We understand that it's a struggle every time that we raise rates, but we also know that safe clean drinking water is an absolute necessity for public health and safety."

Lindman saying he believes the public understands why the price increase is needed, saying the city has faced this before.

However, one concerned citizen who wished to remain anonymous says it will hurt those who are already struggling, saying, "It's not going to affect people who have the means to accommodate that kind of bounce, it's gonna affect people who are lower to middle income the most."

But it's not a done deal yet. The city still needs to have the hike approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

The city will host a public hearing over zoom on Thursday May 18th.

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