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Lac du Flambeau Nets Federal Dollars for Policing

The Lac du Flambeau tribe says two federal grants will help combat crime in its community. The tribe has been awarded money for community policing totaling more than three quarters of a million dollars. The so-called COPS grants come through a federal program for tribal assistance. The larger grant will fund police equipment like hardware and uniforms. The other will pay for the hiring of at least one new person.

Tribal spokesperson Brandon Thoms says the money will go a long way.

“These funds will definitely be put to good use in combating the drug problems we have here, the gang issues that we have,” he says.

In the wake of recent drug busts under what’s known as Operation Pandora, Thoms says a lot of attention has been focused on crime on the reservation. But he says the busts, along with the policing grants, show the tribe is committed to tackling its issues.

“It’s devastating to know and understanding that the drugs are here in our community, these certain behaviors are happening in our community," Thoms says. "But on the other hand, it’s good to know that the tribal government and community as a whole is taking a proactive approach to those issues.”

In related news Lac du Flambeau will be holding its general election Tuesday.

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