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Deduction For Propane Cost Killed In Legislature


A Northwoods legislator is upset the Republican majority in the Assembly ignored an amendment she proposed to help people heating with propane. The amendment asked to send a bit of the budget surplus to provide a direct income tax deduction for every dollar spent in excess of two dollars per gallon of propane.

Ashland Democrat Janet Bewley says many of the downstate legislators don't have an idea so many people heat with propane..


"....a lot of people in the southern part of the state don't realize people use propane to heat their homes. I was surprised to see how many people knew that. We have 250,000 people who use propane to heat their homes...."

When the amendment was brought forward in the legislature, no Republican supported it... Bewley says...


".....there was no debate. I presented the amendment and it was simply tabled. I defended it. I explained it, and it was simply tabled without any remarks from the Republicans..."

The average person using propane uses about 800 gallons a year. Bewley says many people could spend up to $5,000 to heat their homes this winter. If Bewley's amendment would have passed, it would have amounted to a tax deduction of around $3,200.

Bewley's Assembly district includes parts of Iron and Vilas county, including parts of the Lac du Flambeau reservation. She is also running for the state Senate.

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