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Electors Say No To Torpy Park Pavilion Proposal


Minocqua town electors have turned down a proposal to build a new pavilion in Torpy Park.

 Minocqua Lions earlier this year proposed a new pavilion and offered money with the town having to chip in $50,000. Lions members said the current pavilion at Torpy is ill-equipped to handle large crowds such as Beef-A-Rama weekend.  A sticking point developed over the loss of at least a dozen older trees in Torpy Park to make way for the larger building. After a meeting in May, many people objected to the loss of the trees and the  large metal-roofed building proposed. A revised design was given to the board who held a special meeting Thursday night to have Minocqua residents only vote on the latest proposal. Town Chair Mark  Hartzheim announced the vote...

"....we have the results you've been waiting for...yes  99   no 164..."

  Hartzheim says a forester has looked at the trees and regardless of the pavilion vote, five trees are lost  because of health and safety.

 Prior to the vote several residents spoke on both sides of the issue including Rad Watkins...

"....I guess I would rather see us vote no right now. I think we've made great strides to make a better plan..."
Bill Ross spoke in favor of the revised plan..

"....this is a tourism-driven area. Torpy Park gets used in the summertime when we have our summer tourism folks here. Believe me that is how we survive, we don't survive by getting through winters we've had the last two years...."

About 300 people  attended the town electors meeting.

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