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Vilas Officials Warn Of New IRS Scam


Vilas county residents have been getting phone calls from scammers and an official says hang up and call law enforcement.

Lieutenant Carl Gauger from the Sheriff's Department outlines what residents have been receiving...

"....they usually ask for a person by name. It's frequently just the first name. When they get that person on the phone, they advise them they are in deep trouble for not paying their taxes and they have to pay now or they're going to be arrested or prosecuted...."

Lt. Gauger says that is not how law enforcement does business...

"......IRS is not going to call you up and say you're in trouble. IRS has a policy of making notifications of problems via mail and providing telephone numbers for individuals to call...."

Lt. Gauger says it is a scam and to get the phone number of the caller if possible and call local law enforcement with any information. The Vilas Sheriff Department is &15-479-4441,

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